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FIFA 21 Camera Angles: How to change default camera on PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X

01-Jan-2021, 10:22 pm


The launch of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X has allowed EA Sports to create a more dynamic matchday experience, with better crowd reaction than ever before.

FIFA 21 Creative Director Matt Prior believes that GameCam offers a new experience for FIFA users, but is aware that many people will not like the change and will want to switch to one of the more traditional camera angles.

"Some people will want to change back to the original camera as they've grown up with it and that's what they're used to," Prior admits.

"The majority of users when we tested it, liked the new look and feel. But we don't want to limit it and everyone is different, so all the old camera options are still in there if you want to change it.

"But for us, GameCam is a real step forward and the big difference from Gen 4 and Gen 5."

GameCam is the default setting in FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but if you wish to change to a different camera angle, follow the steps below.

There are multiple camera angles in FIFA 21, as well as the new GameCam setting.

Many players use Tele, Tele Broadcast or Broadcast depending on how they want to play the game and what works best on their television.

Camera angles with long-range zooms are sometimes difficult to use on small television screens, but work very well on bigger screens.

If you accidentally kick off a game with the wrong camera angle chosen, you can easily change it by pausing the match.

Press the pause button and then the next time the ball goes out of play, you will be able to change the Camera Angle in Settings.

Navigate down to Settings and then you will be given a slimmed-down version of the regular Game Settings.

This allows you to change various in-game settings, including the Single Player Camera and Multiplayer Camera.

Changing the camera angle in settings during a match will not keep those selections for the next game as they will reset to whatever is selected in the Game Settings before each match.

To change the camera angle permanently, navigate to Game Settings in the Customise section of the main menu.

In this menu, use the right shoulder button to move to the Camera section.

From here, you can change both the Single Player Camera and Multiplayer Camera from the GameCam option to something else.

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