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03-Jun-2020, 11:38 pm

FIFA 21: What new features will be on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games?

Virgil van Dijk Eden Hazard Xbox Series X FIFA

EA Sports are expected to launch the next edition of FIFA - FIFA 21 - in 2020, despite the difficulties associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has disrupted various industries, including football.

Every year, the pressure is on games developers to come up with something that tops the previous effort, with avid gamers always keen to see new features or upgrades to existing aspects of the game.

It's all about improving the user experience and, while the creative work is led by the experts, gamers are consulted and their concerns are certainly part of the decision-making process.

So, what sort of new features will be on FIFA 21? Goal takes a look at some potential changes and the things people want to see.

The release of FIFA 21 will occur around the same time that next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and X-Box Series X, so the expectation is that the game will be better on those new consoles.

While there are always issues to iron out for new consoles and new game engines, it stands to reason that some effort will be made to enhance graphicson FIFA 21.

Motion capture technology is already used to simulate realistic running, passing and shooting styles, while most players at the top leagues in the game have incredible likenesses.

In tandem with graphics improvements, gamers always want to see the gameplay become more true to life and one of the long-standing desires of FIFA fans has been to incorporate atmospheric malleability.

FIFA 20 Ataturk Olympic Stadium Turkey

Things such as ball physics have already been honed, but stadium quirks, such as more reactive crowd effects and the associated influence could be fine-tuned.

An example of this is the booing of a player when they return to their former club - if they've joined a rival - is a commonly expressed request.

Another gameplay addition that would increase the realism of FIFA 21 is VAR.

While there is strictly no need for a video assistant referee in the game due to the fact that AI makes calls on whether a foul was committed inside the boxor there has been an offside, it is now a part of football.

Adding VAR would only be an aesthetic touch, but it would have to be incorporated well, so as to avoid it becoming repetitive, for example.

FIFA 20's new class of Icons included the likes of Kenny Dalglish, Ian Wright and Ronald Koeman, as well as cover star Zinedine Zidane, but what will FIFA 21 bring?

There is already an extensive list of past players on FUT, but there are still some notable absentees, not to mention those iconic stars who recently hung up their boots for good.

Roma and Italy hero Francesco Totti, for example, is widely tipped to be included in the next game as an Icon, as is Chelsea's John Terry and former Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic.

Others include Gabriel Batistuta, Phillipp Lahm, Cafu and Tim Cahill.

One icon who is unlikely to appear on FIFA 21 is David Beckham, who has had a deal with EA Sports' rival brand Pro Evolution Soccer to appear on their game only.

Embed only Maradona FIFA 20 Icon

Every year there seems to be a slew of minorissues with Career Mode and FIFA gamers are never shy about airing their grievances.

One the biggest peeves for players is the apparently preponderance of unrealistic transfers, which see transfers of big players between bitter rivals, which, while it does happen, doesn't happen that often.

Issues with the youth academy part of the modehave also been noted, with the more meticulous types preferring a more hands-on interface and greater options in the development of players.

Another request that has appeared on FIFA forums has been the ability to customise club kits instead of having to wear the same kit with the same sponsor despite movinga number of seasons in the virtual future.

The new game mode Volta was rolled out in FIFA 20 with much fanfare as EA Sports sought to reimagine the classic FIFA Street game with small-sided football.

While it was indeed a popular addition with its Journey-style aspect, there have been calls to expand the FIFA street football universe with more venues.

However, some gamers who recall the more cartoonish FIFA Street games of old have suggested that realism isn't exactly necessary in a five-a-side freestyle football game.

FIFA 20 Volta Paris

EA Sports' FIFA series has long been the most far-reaching football simulation game when it comes to officially licensed players and teams, but they have been hit with some big losses in recent years.

There was no Juventus on FIFA 20 for example, while River Plate and Boca Juniors were also initially unavailable. As well as that there were some issues with licensing for international teams, including Brazil.

They won't be able to get Juventus back, but they can perhaps make up for it somewhat with the addition of more officially licensed competitions.

It is unlikely, given the preference for EA Sports to launch a 'World Cup' edition of the game, but a tournament mode similar to the classic 'Road to World Cup' games, would be a welcome addition.

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