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16-Sep-2020, 06:49 pm

Will my FIFA 20 Ultimate Team copy over in FIFA 21?

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 comes out on October 9, 2020 and EA Sports has been enticing fans with a series of teaser trailers and steady drip of details about the new game - including the top 100 players.

With the game hitting screens soon, Goal brings you everything you need to know.

Aspects of Ultimate Team can be copied or carried overfrom FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, as long as the games are played on the same platform.

That meansif you played FIFA 20 on theXbox One, but want to playFIFA 21 on a PlayStation 4, your Ultimate Team data will not be compatible for copy.

The bulk of the items and detail from your Ultimate Team profile cannot be carried over to the new game.

You will be able to copy over a limited number of items from your Ultimate Team on FIFA 20 to FIFA 21.

The FUT Club profile, including the Club name and establishment date will carry over.

You will also have the option of making a one-time transfer of your FIFA Points, which can be done from the date FIFA 21 is available to play until December 31, 2020.

Unfortunately, however, not all items are transferable.

Ultimate Team coins and cards will not carry over from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, nor will unopened packs or unassigned items. Your Club data and records, as well as division levels arealsonon-transferable.

It has been reported that FIFA Credits and XP levels will also be non-transferable, but EA Sports has not yet confirmed that this is the case.

If you buy FIFA 21 for the PS4 or Xbox One, you will be able to carry over your progress to next-gen platforms like the PS5 or Xbox Series-X.

EA Sports has confirmed that all progress and content acquired on Ultimate Team in the new game will be transferable from PS4 to PS5 (and vice-versa) and Xbox One to Xbox Series-X (and vice-versa).

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