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Christian Pulisic: What is the correct way to pronounce Chelsea and USMNT star's name?

09-Feb-2021, 07:36 am

Christian Pulisic, Chelsea 2020-21

Christian Pulisic has emerged as one of the United States Men's National Team's most exciting prospects, having been named the youngest playerto captain the squad and a hopeful sign of the side'spromising future.

He is regarded as one of the United States' brightest overseas talents - but how do you pronounce his surname? Goal takes a look.

'Pulisic', which is a Croatian name, is technically supposed to be pronounced 'POOL-uh-sitch'.

Pulisic, however, who was born in the United States, prefers for his surname to be said as 'Police-sick' in an Americanised fashion, with a hard 'K' at the end.

UEFA confirmed the pronunciation in their guide to saying unconventional names here, cheekily adding: "English speakers tend to mangle foreign names".

Due to Pulisic'sCroatian heritage - his grandfather was born in the country - the forward was able to apply for aCroatian passport, allowing him tostart playing for Dortmund at 16 - much earlier than he would have been able to with just his U.S. citizenship.

At Borussia Dortmund, Pulisic revealed how ex-Bayern Munich midfielder former Croatia manager Nico Kovac helped him secure a path to playing in Europe as a non-EU citizen.

"Niko Kovac supported me back then in getting my Croatian passport. He helped me a lot," Pulisic toldSport Bild.

Kovak was content to help Pulisic out, saying at the time: "It was always my dream as a young boy to play for a top club in Europe. When the opportunity to play for BVB came up, I really wanted to take it."

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