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Neymar's father hits back at Caen manager's 'crying' taunt after PSG star's injury

12-Feb-2021, 05:56 am

Neymar PSG crying father

Neymar’s father has launched a passionate defence of his son, criticising Caen manager Pascal Dupraz for taunting him after he went off injured for Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday.

The Brazilian went off during PSG’s 1-0 Coupe de France win over Caen and has since vented his frustration on Instagram, saying: “The sadness is great, the pain is immense and the crying is constant.”

Complaining about a refereeing decision after the match, Caen boss Dupraz said: “Maybe we would have liked a penalty for Steeve Yago’s action which earned him a yellow card.

“In my opinion that is a penalty. But I'm not going to cry, I'll leave that to Neymar".

Neymar’s father, Neymar Sr., responded to Dupraz on Instagram: "Really, my son has to cry, but not for the reason you think, sir.

"I think he has to cry because there are coaches like you, referees of that level, negligent leagues, biased referees and cowards in the sport.

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"Yes, he has to cry...

"But through our crying and his, my son's, the athlete's, the magic of football will last another night and after that he will rise up, as always, to win again."

As well as Tuesday's game at Camp Nou, Neymar is expected to miss Ligue 1 games against Nice, Monaco, Dijon and Bordeaux.

He will be racing to be fit for the return leg against Barcelona, in Paris on March 10.

PSG are currently three points off the top of Ligue 1 in third, with Lille and Lyon ahead of them.

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