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04-Jul-2020, 06:04 am

Klopp has no plans beyond Liverpool contract expiring in 2024 and won't manage into his 70s

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool 2019-20

Jurgen Klopp says he has no plans beyond the end of his current Liverpool contract.

The German’s deal runs until 2024 and, at the moment, it seems likely he will see the whole contract through.

Beyond that, there is little but speculation – but he says he isn’t the sort of manager to keep going into old age.

"I don’t see me doing that at that age,"Klopp told the Mirror. "When I became a manager aged 33, I thought, ‘Right, now 25 power years start’.

"I was seven and a half years at Mainz, seven at Dortmund and in 2024, when his current contract at Liverpool ends it will be 23 and half.

"I have no plans beyond that."

Klopp, the newest member of the Premier League winners’ club, doesn’t appear to be thinking of retirement just yet, but he knows it lies somewhere in his future.

"When it is time, hopefully I am still healthy and I can say, ‘Great, I loved it but now I would like to watch other people doing it’,"he said.

"So, I hope I find this inner mood to say, ‘See you later, I wish you all the best, best of luck, love you all but don’t call because of any football matters.

"That’s the plan."

For now, it seems as though Klopp couldn’t be any happier in his current surroundings.

"I’ll say it again - it is amazing how much football means to the people of Liverpool," he said.

"I accept there are more important things in life. Of all the nice things that are not important, I like football the most and that is why I have always wanted to be in it.

"I love the game so much which is why I had this affection for Liverpool. And when it came up, it was an easy decision.

"I was hoping the people would be really open for a new guy and I was really open for a new challenge and a new club.

"And from day one, it clicked.

"The passion the people have for this club is exceptional. The way they went through the darkest moments possible - how they deal with it but don’t forget it - is exceptional.

"I am sure that is why the status of the manager at this club is different to other clubs.

"I had no idea about that before I came here. People told me about it and I said, ‘Yeah, we will see’."

“And that’s the way it is.”

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