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'I put pressure on myself' - Mourinho addresses his own future as Tottenham grind to a halt without Kane

05-Feb-2021, 08:14 pm

Jose Mourinho Tottenham 2021

Jose Mourinho has lost his last three games at Tottenham, with the club slidingdown into eighth place, and he is increasingly seeing his own future be questioned.

Harry Kane's recent injury in the 3-1 home defeat to Liverpool has only added to Mourinho's problems. Although not under the immediate pressure of losing his job, Spurs will not be patient with any further decline and Mourinho has come out to defend his position by saying he can still win a title this season.

"I put pressure on myself every day," Mourinho told reporters after his side's 1-0 home loss to Chelsea. "I don't need others to put pressure on me. I put pressure on myself every day. Every day. So since 2012 without three defeats in a row? But since when without a title? Maybe I can give one."

Spurs next face a struggling West Brom side in the Premier League who are desperate for points in their bid to avoid being relegated back to the Championship.

When asked whether it was an important week for him and his team, with further games against Everton and Manchester City to come, Mourinho wanted to focus on the match against Sam Allardyce's side.

"The most important thing now is West Brom," he added. "I don’t even want to think about Everton or about City. I think after City, we go to Austria, again on the Europa League, which is a big competition for us, we have good expectations in that competition.

"I don’t even want to think about that. I want to think about West Brom. That’s a big game. Sometimes big games are just against the top six, or the London derbies.

"Other times, big games can be games like this. It is a big game for West Brom because they need a victory; they need points to survive. They need to get out of where they are. It’s a big game for us.

"Because we need to leave the position where we are, which is not a dramatic position like theirs is, but is a very bad position for us, we have to leave it; we need to win, we need to break the dynamic of three defeats like you saw.

"So it’s a very important match for us, but the reality is that, until the end of the month, we have great motivations in front of us. Europa League is something that, since the beginning, we put a lot on.

"I cannot forget that we had to play how many games to qualify for the group phase, and games with two days in between, travelling around Europe to do it.

"So we want, the team wants, the team is waiting for that, and maybe the squad needs that. Let’s focus on West Brom because it’s the next match and as you say, after three defeats, we have to win against West Brom, we cannot even think a different thing."

Spurs have Sergio Reguilon, Dele Alli and Giovani Lo Celso injured, but Mourinho said only Kane is due to return soon. That will be welcomed as he feels his alternative options have not successfully replaced the England international's ability.

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